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Motion Design, Direction & Production

A miscellaneous Selection of animations and projects I have worked on

Client: Ford
Agency: Gail & Rice + Toy Robot

In 2016 I led a team of animators creating all the screen content for the Ford Keynote at the 2016 NAIAS. You can see the keynote above. 


Wriggle Bums TV Branding and Content

After the birth of my son I became fascinated by child learning and visual development. I decided to create a sensory video for him and friends who also had young children. As of writing the video has had almost 50k views on Youtube. 


Projection Mapping for Darkroom TV

Client: Private Wedding - Projection Mapping In India
Agency: Darkroom

I worked along side Darkroom to produce bespoke content for a large projection mapping job out in India for a private wedding. The set involved the custom fabrication of a 100'x60' set to be projected on, created from a series of cubes. The set was so large that it was made from steel and had sections that dancers could dance inside. I made 12 looks for the event which were duplicated using Resolume onto all the surfaces. 


Client: Ardency

I was approached to create a series of clips for producers Ardency for their live shows. Because they mix their shows live they wanted a series of clips that they could have control over. Below is a selection of the clips I designed for them. The concept was based on their heart logo combined with analogue glitches, which compliments their overall sound. 


Air France Entertainment System UI

Client: Air France
Production Company: weareifp

I was approached by IFP to help create a series of 15 animations demoing the new entertainment system they had designed for the new Air France planes. The videos will run on the entertainment system itself as a guide to the users about the services they offer and how to navigate the system. 


M3 Nightclub Installation - China

Agency: Darkroom

I was commissioned by Darkroom to create bespoke content for a new AV installation at the M3 nightclub in China. I created over 30 clips for the club, all designed to work with the bespoke LED wall which contained multiple screens as well as arms that ran through the room, coming out from the screen.

The video and stills below show the delivery format, which was sliced using Resolume's advanced mapping to take different sections of the video and map it onto the different screens. 


Cher Lloyd X-Factor Visuals

Client: SYCO
Agency: Blink TV

I created the animated stage visuals for Cher Lloyds X-Factor performance of her single 'With Ur Love'. The concept was built around her own personal urban wonderland which moved in time with the music and developed visually to match the track building. It was really interesting getting to put content across their custom screen setup and getting to learn about the D3/Hippo setup which controls it all.