Dan Wise Creative

Motion Design, Direction & Production

A selection of videos made for global brands while working at various Ad Agencies and Production companies

Swarovski Vs Alexander McQueen

Client: Swarovski
Production Company: Pundersons Gardens

Working with Pundersons Gardens I designed and built a motion graphics template for titles to be used in a series of edits showing how Swarovski have been involved with many of the leading fashion houses. The titles were used in featurettes documenting New York, London and Paris fashion weeks in spring 2011. I also worked on the titles for a piece commissioned by Swarovski, to be used as part of a film celebrating their relationship with Alexander McQueen, to be shown at the Metropolitan in New York. The titles here show the final design as well as some of the development ideas.


Skype Business in 60 Seconds

Client: Skype
Agency: Poke London

I had the privilege of working at Poke London as they set to make a series of videos for Skype.com. 
Out of the videos I animated, the Skype Business one is probably the most fun. I think the animation finds the right balance between informative and entertaining. Design was all done in house at Poke and then I brought it to life.


Macmillan ‘We are Personal’

Client: Macmillan
Agency: THIS IS Studio

Working with the guys from THIS IS Studio I created several short animations for Macmillan, which focussed on highlighting some of the key services that they offer. The concept was based on the personal service Macmillan offer, and so all the animations began life as hand drawn illustrations, which were then animated along with the voiceover.


Sharp Fanlabs

Client: Sharp
Agency: Work Club

In the run up to UEFA EURO 2012, Sharp is undertaking a huge study of football fans, looking at different attributes of fans in different countries. To promote the study and explain a bit about it, I worked on this animation alongside Work Club. For more information about the FanLabs you can visit their website:



Client: Visionnaire & CTM Design

For the Milan Furniture Fair 2012, Italian luxury interior specialist collaborated with CMT design to bring it's trademark Italian style to private jet interiors. Working with the CG visualisations, it was my job to make a looping piece to be shown on a cinema screen at the event, as well as several supporting screens.


Original Source - Cherry & Nettle

Every year Original Source has a competition to introduce a new Edition to their range of shower gels. This year I worked with the talented illustrator Mariana Rodrigues to create a short animation allowingyou to enter the world of Wild Cherry & Nettle.


Playstation Plus pre rolls

Client: Playstation
Agency: Work Club

I created a series of rich media banners and Youtube pre rolls for Playstation Plus, advertising their online multiplayer service. The concept was based on the connections and community that is built around games as they are played. Creating a multiverse of games and players, various techniques were used to populate the world and fly around it to deliver the messaging for different games.


Paddy Power Online Adverts

Client: Paddy Power

I created a series of short 15 and 30 second animations to be used as targeted mobile ads for Paddy Power's 'Roller Casino'. The ads were designed to be as simple and concise as possible, highlighting the gameplay offered by Roller Casino.


Felguk: Loud Blue