Dan Wise Creative

Motion Design, Direction & Production

Personal Artwork

When I first started working professionally I found that I was bursting with energy and enthusiasm to create. As well as working in digital I fell in love with street art. Stickers, stencils, screen printing, gorilla projections and wheat pastes were all new and exciting to me and I quickly started experimenting with ideas. I set up the All City Collective with a friend and we started documenting our work and selling stencils, screenprints and digital canvas prints. We also did a little bit of late night street decoration ourselves. I had work published in a couple of magazines and also had a few pieces included as part of an East Asian group show alongside heavyweight artists D*Face and Nick Walker.  

A selection of images from the All City Collective art brochure, my work in Computer Arts Magazine and Overspray Magazine and some low res snaps of a group show my work appeared in.