Dan Wise Creative

Motion Design, Direction & Production

ANDRODES Live A/V Show by Sartory

Client: Sartory

I was approached by Sartory to bring her show Androdes to life. The show is an immersive performance that tells the story of ANI through both music and animation, performed live on a custom built instrument. I directed and produced all the screen content for the show, spanning 13 individual tracks totalling just under 60 minutes of bespoke animation. As the narrative revolves around the adventures of an android, there was a lot of character animation in the piece which meant designing and developing custom biped rigs. The show was designed with a super wide resolution, creating a more cinematic feel and reinforcing the narrative aspect. It also meant that it could work on a single screen or split into three sections with a single HD screen in the centre. The video above is one of the thirteen tracks from the show. 


Promo shots and live photos taken by Dan Wise